Truly Green Lawn & Snow, Inc. - If their grass is greener - it must be a Truly Green lawn!
Landscaping Hints:
  • Water your lawn early morning or late evening to assure no burning of the turf areas.
  • Don't want mosquitoes at your next picnic? Call for an insect control application a few days before. The application controls mosquitoes, fleas & ticks for up to 30 days. Pet and Child friendly!
  • Fertilizations should be done 3 times per season
  • Weed Control applications should be done a minimum of 2 times per season
Aeration: Lawn aeration consists of removing soil plugs to a depth up to 3” over the entire lawn. Aeration improves water and air penetration to the turf grass roots making the plant healthier. Aeration is recommended in the Spring and Fall.
De-Thatching: De-thatching should be done when the thatch layer is over 1/2-inch deep and the lawn shows signs of distress, like browning and thinning patches of grass. The de-thatching process removes the barrier to the soil, tearing it up to be raked away, while preserving the actively growing grass. Homeowners should remove the thatch layer when necessary to allow water and nutrients back in, and improve the lawn's health and appearance.
Spring & Fall Clean-Up: This service includes the removal of leaves that have collected in the shrub beds and corners of buildings. Litter that has collected over the summer or winter months will be removed. Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs to remove unsightly and/or broken branches and to promote healthy growth. (pruning over 12’ above ground is not included). Cutting back of expired growth on perennials as needed. Leaves will be disposed of on site or hauled off site, when necessary.
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Aeratation or De-thatching
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